Free Fire Advance Server OB34 Registration and Login Code

Free Fire Advance Server : This is the most popular battle royale game in the world. It has more than 1+ billion downloads in the play store. This is the most prestigious game of 2021. There are lakhs of players playing this game daily in India. Also, it is the most addictive game in India. Garena is the owner of Free Fire and is headquartered in Indonesia.

Free Fire lunches their Advance Server to ensure that limited players can join to access upcoming data or to use and review game files. Few limited VIP users mostly Free Fire Youtubers, can easily access Advance Server. Today we will tell you how you can connect to Free Fire Advance Server, and Download Advance Server after the OB34 update.

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Free Fire Advance Server and Benefits

First, note that Free Fire is a game that always brings new updates to the game for a better gaming experience. The update period is 52 days and is called OB update.

Before Garena releases any of their updates, they build an Advance Server and add their new features. The things added can be new characters, new gun skins, new pets, or whatever.

But limited users who have VIP tags can get the download links for Advance Server or Login Code. Their job is just to play games, check for their new updates and fix some bugs.

Free Fire OB34 Update Advance Server Details

Some new features are added to the game soon after Server Update is released. It must be tested by some VIP players before those updates can be added to the game. Below we are going to tell you about the same.

• Free Fire launched its own advanced server to secure some of its new features and updates. Limited access is what makes this server so exclusive and no one can easily access it.

• If you go in you have a chance to find a bug report to the moderator. If you are a Free Fire Youtuber then you feel free to talk to your audience about this.

• You have a limited registration code and need it to log in to this advanced server.

• Not only everyone but limited users who have access code can log in to Advance Server for free

• There are unlimited Diamonds to spend because Garena wanted to test you with full support.

• The great thing is that it is only available on Android devices and there is no Advance server for iOS devices. It will release soon.

Free Fire Advance Server Login

Free Fire Advance Server Login and Access code

If you love playing Free Fire then you might want to fearlessly check out their latest updates. This game is so addictive and when any ob update comes soon to release

So millions of players are so hyped. But the thing is, Garena can’t give every player her limited reach. There are several policies against FF Advance Server. Players should have registered on Free Fire’s official website. OB34 updates are released soon and you can access this Advance Server 4 days before the update.

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Registration can be done with a secret access code which is provided by Garena. If you have registered with the Free Fire Partner Program it will give it to you via your email address. Below we are going to discuss this. (Example in English)

  • The first users can go to Free Fire Official website to register for an access code. You can check
  • There you will find a Facebook login area and you can log in through Facebook account to access Advance Server.
  • After you successfully log in to the main page. There you will find a download page and that is the main thing about this topic.
  • Now you will be asked to fill in your details like Name, Email Address Phone Number, etc
  • After You Register, You will see a Button like “JOIN NOW”. Then you can pre-register to access limited mode with Advance Server.
  • There is no guarantee that you can get an access code so keep in mind that do register as fast as you can.
Get Activation Code

FREE FIRE Advance Server – Get Activation Code

We have already told you that Free Fire Advance Server will not work without any access code if you are lucky enough to register fast. You will get a code without any hesitation.

Many YouTubers who have VIP badges can get access codes easily. Because they are Garena Partners so they do not need to register. Garena sends them the direct download link and they can download it before the ob update arrives.

After the completion of the registration process, the player will get a chance to download the apk file of OB34 on 21st July 2021. However, as already mentioned, not all players will get the activation code. In such a situation, the players who will get the activation code, they will be able to access the Free Fire OB34 Advance Server.

Download Free Fire Advance Server

How to Download Free Fire Advance Server APK (Information)

Today in this article we discuss everything about Free Fire Advance Server, now you can check our article on how to download FF Advance Server APK. This is just a guide or information we are not sharing any kind of download link. You must visit our page every day because we update before ob update.

• First of all you should visit main official page of Garena FF Advance Server. and log in with your Facebook account

• After logging in, a page will open and you will get a download button in it.

•  Before downloading you have to do one thing. The user has to enable the “Install from an unknown source: option” in the Android settings.

• After installing that app before This OB34 update. It will ask you for FF Advanced Server Activation Code.

• After a lot of things in End when you enter that code. You can then go on to enjoy everything available on Advanced Server.

free fire advance server code OB34

Friends, after the update of Free Fire Advance Server OB34, you will not get to see many, after the OB 34 update, you will get to see many can skin weapons and bundles. Pat friends, you will get to see it for download only after release on Free Fire Advance Server, not before that because Free Fire Advance Server gives an activation code 5 or 6 days before release, due to which you can also download does not provide any misleading information. This article is totally our work and we do not promote any piracy in our website. Thank you

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